Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 BMW Mini Cooper Review

A couple of years ago we heard rumors about the new Mini that BMW was coming out with. We waited in anticipation, and now it is officially out. With a couple of changes since the 2007 version, the 2013 BMW Mini Cooper is ranked as the 15th best affordable, small family car in the U.S.

Packed with accessories and loads of features that one usually sees only in the big cars, the Cooper has taken the world by storm. BMW has done it again.

Features Of 2013 BMW Mini Cooper 


Sleek and curvaceous, with a high shine body and rear view mirrors that stand out classy in a contrasting color, the 2013 BMW Mini Cooper stands out in a crowd.
2013 BMW Mini Cooper Design
The 2013 BMW Mini Cooper is available in both the hardtop as well as the convertible variant, as well as the two-door and the four-door hatchback variety. Available in three trims - Base, S and John Cooper Works - this car is a sight for sore eyes. Whether it's used to drive within the walls of a city or on a highway, the BMW Mini Cooper does not fail to deliver.

Additional Features

The 2013 Mini Cooper comes with a six-speed manual transmission as well as a six-speed automatic transmission.
2013 BMW Mini Cooper interior
Additional features include a stereo system, climate system and navigational system - all of which are easy to program. The standard features of a BMW such as the USB port, bluetooth and radio are all fitted into this one compact car. Comfortable seats with seat belts provided for four is another additional feature.


Packed with a super duper four-cylinder 121 horsepower engine that revs up to a speed of 203 Kph, the Mini Cooper Base is a pleasure to drive on city roads.
2013 BMW Mini Cooper engine
For those of you who believe that speed thrills, the Mini Cooper S with its 181 horsepower engine takes you to a speed of over 228 Kph, while reaching a speed of over 100 Kph in the blink of an eye. The John Cooper Works’ 208 horsepower turbocharged engine takes on a life of its own on highways and gives you the ride of a lifetime.

Fuel Consumption

Perhaps one of the strongest features of the 2013 Mini Cooper is its fuel saving efficiency. The Mini Cooper Base has a fuel efficiency of 29/37 mpg, while the Mini Cooper S and the John Cooper Works boast of a fuel efficiency of 26/35 mpg.

Price Of 2013 BMW Mini Cooper

The 2013 mini cooper market price is starts at $19,700 for base hatchback models. A superb family car that has all the features that one can ask for. Its sturdy breaks and easy maneuverability make for easy and safe driving - a must for a family car. It has comfortable seats with four seat belts.

The cargo space provided is an additional feature that comes in handy when you need to stow away baggage and is spacious enough for a family of four. A wide range of personalized accessories is available to add on in this car that is already stocked with features.Overall, this is a dependable family car that is worth its price.  A must have for the savvy car lover.

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