Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sun Burn and Irritations – Protect, Revive and Repair

Summer without sunburn is what you always expect every single day in summers. Since season is another name of flaunting the skin, many of us take skin to UV rays. In response nearly 70% of children and 1/3rd of adults are admitting they are getting sunburn, according to the CDC.
Sun Burn and Irritations – Protect, Revive and Repair

Causes of Sunburn

Almost we all know the reason behind sunburn,UV rays exposed by sun. If your skin gets in contact with sunrays for long time, it will start burning. Not all times sunburn is visible; sometimes it affects your DNA and start aging skin. Also this could lead to the Skin Cancer but that is rare.
Sunburn begins depends on your skin type. Know your skin before exposing to the sun rays. If sun’s intensity is high then burning is expected in small duration.

Signs of Sunburn 

Your skin start turning red and it hurts. And if the effect is severe, skin can develop sunburn blisters and swelling. The effects could arrive are: flu -- feverish, with chills, nausea, headache, and weakness.After few days skin will start peeling and itching as body tries to rid itself from dead cells.

Relief Sunburn

Avoid the Sun

Stay away from the sun, until you heal. Also do not forget to consult doctor if required since it could be serious like fever of 102 or higher, chills, pain etc.

Stay Hydrated

Drink much and much water. The use of lemon and salt mixture would be the perfect dose. Don’t remain dehydrated.


Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen can offer the relief from swelling and pain in the body.

Creams or Gels 

Use Creams or Gels for Sun burn Protection
Both are the most preferable remedy to get out of this problem. Gently apply the material on the skin and keep it for long time. Use the gel or cream containing: Aloe Vera, Menthol and Camphor.

Cool Bath

Take cool bath every day and if possible use the ice cube on your skin. It will help from itching and swallowing skin.


Don’t eat oily or spicy food during this stage. Use the curd, salad or light food in your diet. Also have the fruits like watermelon, Lychee Nut and Grapes.

Preventing Sunburn


Wear the thin and always use the hat while going outside. Use full sleeves shirts and pants and carry at-least one piece of UV-blocking sunglasses.

Use Sunscreen

Cover the part of skin minimum with 1 ounce of skin which you are going to expose to sunrays. Apply the element having SPF 30 at-least. Try to use the sunscreen about 30 minutes before you go outside.


Avoid going outside between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. And if in this block of time you want to go outside, use shady spots.