Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 Ford EcoSport Review

Ford EcoSport an urban SUV, will be available soon in India by Ford Motor Company. The Ford EcoSport, B platform car was launched in New Delhi in 2012. The booking of the car has started with many attracting offers. Ford EcoSport one of the best selling automobile of Ford Motor company in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico. A changed definition of SUV, compact SUV with an Ex showroom price range from Rs. 8,00,000/- to Rs.10,00,000/-.

2013 Ford EcoSport Features And Specifications


As Ford defines Ford Eco Sport as an automobile that can face the challenges of Indian roads. It is designed with 200 mm of ground clearance between you and the road and 550 mm water wading capability.
2013 Ford Ecosport design
So it gives you plenty of scope to run your Ford Eco Sport on the rough & tough road of India. Ford Motor Company, India marketing VP states that “Ground clearance is clearly one of the defining aspects of this product.


Ford Ecosport will come with a 1.0 liter fuel motor from the Ecoboost class of engines. This direct-injected, turbocharged fuel motor is down scaled so as to throw out more usage.
2013 Ford Ecosport Engine
16 km per liter fuel economy, 1 liter eco boost engine, economical 3 cylinder engine. Petrol and diesel version, coming soon.


Ford Eco Sport is quite spacious which makes your journey more comfortable by giving you quite interiors. The rear seats with option of folding to 60:40 which gives a room space to keep 560 liter washing machine. The visibility has a larger area than normal cars to give your eyes to cover larger area.
2013 Ford Ecosport Interior
Ford Eco Sport with hill Launch Assist that stops the roll back for few seconds to give you sufficient time to take your foot off the brake. So are you ready to ride up a hill with friends or family safely. Just a push button and Ford Eco Sport is ready to take you for a drive. It unlocks the door for you when you are near.

It gives you the feel of a traditional SUV.”  It gives you the option to stay connected with the world while you drive. Voice control and the SYNC feature helps you to take your calls and reading text via just a voice command. The entertainment does not distracts you while driving, just a voice command will help you browse and play the music of your choice.

Advanced Safety

While driving on a vacation with your family on unknown roads, the safety features make you safe. The safety features missing in most of the cars available in India. Here, Ford Eco Sport qualifies the safety standards.
2013 Ford Ecosport Safety Features
A long drive with chilled drinks in the glove can box is also an added feature, it has 20 storage spaces. It gives you the option to keep your wet umbrella a separate space and your precious car is not affected. A safe inside a mini SUV helps you keep your valuable safe.


Explore new places in India without the fear of bad roads. Six Speed power shift automatic transmission, ESP, traction control, ABS adds much to make your drive filled with fun, safety and speed.
2013 Ford Ecosport performance
Long drive with comfort and safety is Ford Eco Sport.The compact SUV car can face the congested roads of India. The feature of compactness gives you the liberty to park your vehicle easily and comfortably.  Mini SUV is spacious enough to fulfill large dreams of yours.

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