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How To Get Rid Of Constipation

The condition of people facing constipation is pathetic when they consume food daily, but are not able to release them regularly. The loosening of bowels lessens down to hardly three times a week as the stool becomes extremely solid, the size becomes small and it is tough to remove though you try hard. Constipation depends on person to person, but women and those who are above 65 years are more affected by this condition.
How To Get Rid Of Constipation
Few people may experience swelling, sprain or blood clot during this period as they find themselves in a very painful situation. At this time if water intake will be less, this may lead into dehydration. Every person will look for solution by visiting their nearest doctors. But when we have some interesting home remedies for constipation, why not try them and overcome from it!

Home Treatments For Constipation

Fluid Ingestion

Water is the absolute necessity during constipation as it works wonders for many people making the bowels flexible and letting them loose.
Fluid Ingestion
The more you drink, the better you’ll be beneficial. Avoid cold drinks, coffee, tea or any other drinks as they may create more problems to your body.

Simple Exercises

We know that you’re passing through a harsh phase. But if you can also drink warm water of 2-3 glasses in the morning when you get up, and do few effortless exercises this may facilitate you. You’ll have to lie down evenly on backside. While exhaling deeply you can raise your left leg close to your chest for at least 10 seconds.

Take control of your breath and then keep your foot loose to its normal position when exhaling again. Repeat this with your right leg again. Continue allowing the gas to come out from your stomach while you execute your exercise, and slowly you’ll feel the pressure.

Supply Of Magnesium

You may be thinking how magnesium will work for you! Magnesium is present in nuts, seeds, whole grains and green-leaf vegetables.
Supply Of Magnesium
So the more the intake of magnesium diet goes in your body, the sooner you’ll recuperate from constipation.

Acupressure Remedy

Many people have acupressure at home, but hardly do they use it. But when you’re constipated, acupressure will help you as the best healer. When you apply acupressure mediums on your muscle points or leg below or hold in your hand or in between fingers, it wields pressure, and you’ll feel comfortable too by the light exertion.

Natural Ways To Treat Constipation


Enriched in fiber papaya is advantageous, as you can slice half of papaya pieces in breakfast time when your stomach is empty. When you continue eating for 3-4 days, the effect will be high and positive too.


As we all know ‘An apple a day makes a doctor away’. Eating a full apple which is enriched in vitamins and fiber can be productive for you. You can also have apple juice for better treatment.


Two options are available related to lemon. Firstly after getting up and in clear stomach make a lemon juice with a mixture of few lemon drops, a bit sugar and a glass of water, and drink it.
Or secondly you can mix lemon drops, salt and warm water and intake it. Repeat it for 4-5 days, and you’ll be free of this trouble.


Per day when you eat 350 gram grapes or crush grape juice with little sugar for 3-4 days or more, it’s worthy for constipation healing.


Dates known to be a fiber fruit is a constipation remedy. You can get some dates and intake it with a milk glass, and get relief from constipation.


In the morning and at night, taking one orange will help in putting a rousing effect on bowels. You can also drink orange juice to avert constipation. Even if you have 2 guavas with seeds in this phase will adjust your bowels like before, or figs rich in calcium will do good to you in evading constipation.If you’re not curious of having a particular fruit, you can make a quick bowl of cut-off fruit pieces like apple, guava, papaya, dates and figs.

Above all the right kind of food is important for curing of constipation. If by chance your constipation is stern, you’ve to definitely use pharmaceutical laxatives, as home treatments won’t benefit you much for freeing of stools.

So want to save yourself from wretched constipation and unusual embarrassment? Well the above significant home remedies will aid you conquer over this situation.

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