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6 Popular Activities In Southern California

Southern California is a wide-spread land with plenty of diversity as mountain towns, ocean-side cities or vast desserts. Southern California offers you an array of eminent and worthy places, couple or family hangouts or attraction that people can enjoy it through-out the year. This places lends you the opportunities to discover the sporty or child-like nature in you through various inside and outdoor activities.
6 Popular Activities In Southern California

From theme parks to colossal malls from beaches to national parks, you have many options to spend your holidays. However, among numerous activities to be done in Southern California we providing you the 6 most popular activities or must have experiences to gain in Southern California, which will surely turn into the best holiday experiences ever!

Outdoor Activities In Southern California

Play With Animals

One of the best animal attractions in Southern California is San Diego zoo. San Diego zoo offers you a varied group of different animals, numerous shows and locales. This zoo offers you many paths, hiking and walks to discover it by your own and this will surely acquire a special space in your memory for the times to come.
San Diego zoo
Apart from the zoo, Sea-World is another tourist attraction. Sea-world offers different shows including different sea-creatures. You can discover many unknown facts about them here and enjoy watching their plays. Dolphin shows are very much popular you and you just get thrilled by sudden splash of water by the dolphins.


Orange Country is the area famous for a number of attractive beaches. People who love to do surfing, boogie boarding, biking, tanning etc. the Huntington Beach will be a perfect one for them. Another popular beach is Laguna Beach which gains popularity after the name of the T.V. shows as Laguna Beach. The attraction of the Laguna beach is about artistic activity, if you are into arts and all or an active member of art community then this beach ideal for you. Apart from these, there are other beaches which deserves a special mention in this contexts are Newport Beach, Dana point, Sunset Beach etc.


Though orange country is famous for the beaches but there are also situated some Nature preserves and parks which are worthy to visit. People who enjoy hiking can opt for Talbert Nature Preserve along with ecological properties.
You can experience the salt or pure water-lands, grasslands or forest lands etc. you can opt for Carbon Canyon Regional Park, where you can visits a large number unknown trees, plants or species etc. Sycamore, pine, coastal redwoods are some of the famous trees and plants which deserve special mention in this context.

Watch Science Shows /Museum

In Southern California you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy indoor activities for family hang out as science museum. For children, New Children’s Museum offers different science based shows and educational exhibitions etc. For science geeks Mount Palomar observatory or Fleet Science Centre are worthy to visit.

Biking And Kayak Riding

For biking or kayaking tours, San Diego is the perfect place. Bike tour is an exhilarating way to explore the city and other eminent places around the city more closely.
Kayak Riding
Those who like laborious work outs can find lots of opportunities here. La Jolla sea beach serve you the facilities of kayak tours which takes you to rock strewn coastal area and to the vast sea, to visit natural beauties of the area.

Enjoy In Theme Parks

Legosland is a renowned enjoyment park in San Diego that has the theme on Legos. This park serves you to play with Legos the famous soft toys for children to play with, different fun rides and other shows. People belongs to all ages enjoys here. Belmont is another famous theme park.

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