Saturday, May 4, 2013

Top Hair Accessories Clips

Most of the times we lose track of the new fashion trends in some new area and hair accessories is one of them, as it is unique and is catching everyone’s attention. They used to be in fashion a few decades ago, but they are being largely revisited in the recent times with the new modern touch.
Bow Shaped Hair Clips
These appear to be more elegant and attractive compared to the heavy chunk accessories which were in fashion a while ago.

Best Hair Accessories Clips

Clips of various types and designs can make one look absolutely stunning for any important occasion, making one appear more feminine and classy. With big fashion houses taking interest in hair accessory clips, you might want to check out some of the hair clip accessories that are making rounds this season.

Flower Hair Clips

The floral design hair clips appear to be a rage among not just young women, but various age groups. This is because they appear to go really well with all kinds of outfits giving them an innocent and cute look.
Flower Hair Clips
Moreover, women generally tend to get attracted towards floral prints and patterns, hence the liking for these clips. Real flowers, fabric flowers are also being used for the same and not just in designs.

Gems/Stone Studded Clips

Clips studded with various stones and gems looking exotically beautiful. These are being largely preferred when going to a party or any such special occasion and these cannot go wrong in giving you a new stunning look, different from that of others.

Netted Hair Clips

These are definitely catching up the trend and make look graceful and feminine. It was first thought of to be more of a middle aged ladies thing.
Netted Hair Clips
but recently you can spot some of the youngsters opting for it giving them a very discrete and interesting look (something which every young lady aims at).

Bow Shaped Hair Clips

Funky bows and various colored bows matching the outfit is doing the rounds this fashion season. Bows like the floral never go out of fashion when it comes to girls and women and now they can adorn them with style (does not get any better than this now, does it?).

Formal Hair Clips

Formal Hair Clips
It has come to light that big fashion houses are also betting on trendy hair clips and one of them being formal hair clips with office wear, giving them the proper professional, formal and elegant look.

Keeping Up The Trend

These trends also appear to linger around for longer, as not just the common people, but many of the celebrities and known people seem to take great interest in it. Again, there is no one set rule as to how and what type is in at the particular time, but like everything else it should bring out your personality. You must opt for something that suits you, and just go for what feels right.

Time to stun everyone with your new trendy hair clips!

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