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How To Please A Man In Bed

Generally a man takes the leading role to execute the sexual activity but it is not necessarily only his duty to make it thrilling or satisfactory. As sex is an activity where the participation of both of the partners is essential, so women too need to take the charge sometimes to please his man. Sex plays an important role in a relationship and it also strengthens the emotional bonding. If you succeed to satisfy your man in the bed it not only makes him happier and confident but also no other woman could ever enter into his mind.
How To Please A Man In Bed
But very few women gives importance to this fact and with time they loose the enthusiasm to make their sex life interesting, which often lead to misunderstanding, infidelity and even separation. So one of the unbeatable tips to keep the spark of your relation alive is to give your man everything he could want in bed. Since if you too want to get back the lost charm of your relation and want to give your man the “Bedroom Bliss”, just follow the 4 awesome tips below and find how can you bring out the Sex Diva in you and keep him coming back to you for more!!

4 Tips On How To Please A Man In Bed

Entice Him

Though it might be that you are in the relation for quite long, but its never late to make a fresh new start. Try to act every time with new energy and enthusiasm. So arousing your man before indulging the sexual activity is an evergreen idea.
Entice Him
It will not only make him feel special but also can lead to you a more satisfying orgasm. To arouse him you can do a number of things including wearing a transparent dress along with cute and sexy lingerie, prepare a romantic dinner at home, turn on light music, aromatic candles, say naughty things slowly and beckon him to the bedroom.

Explore His Pleasure Zones

Similar as women, men too have some parts where he enjoys her woman’s touch, her caressing, kissing or licking. Generally, lips, shoulder, genital and thigh areas sensational to be touched and play. So give some more times to those areas during foreplay to make him fully aroused. Another tip is that different men have different choice or different areas which make them wild and many of them are not even aware of it. So have fun on exploring those parts and be attentive to their reaction which will let you know about their hidden pleasure spots.

Be Innovative

Sometimes bore dome comes out of a monotonous routine sex. So try new things or new positions to make your sex life interesting every day.
Be Innovative
Don’t hesitate to ask your man about his favouritte position, if you both like a particular position then find ways how can you make it more enjoyable every time. You can take tips from porn movies or surfing different sites. You can also play different sex games, use sex toys and role play to make it more interesting and satisfying.


Don’t be only technically correct during the sexual activity but also give it a touch of emotion, it has been found the appropriate response of the female partner takes a man to the highest peak of his sexual urge. So during sex the moaning of a woman stir the desire of her partner and he gets more confidence and spirit to make her satisfy along with himself. Beside naughty, romantic or dirty talk also works as same and found get harder orgasm. Don’t forget to tell him the areas where you enjoy most to be touched or licked to bring out the maximum pleasure out of it.

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