Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 10 Tips To Quit Smoking

I remember one of my Friends telling me that “To Quit smoking is very easy, as he does that every day”. While that is on a lighter note, the most brutal fact that we need to confront is there is no single stroke effort that can bring success to give up smoking. It’s a cumulative effect of determination, persistence and perseverance that you develop within before you resolute.
Top 10 Tips To Quit Smoking

Best 10 Tips To Quit Smoking

Self Realization

It all starts with self-realization of we believing that it’s high time to kick the buds. Having resoluting faith in our self control, it is also equally important for us from not getting into the trap of smoking friends who will always try to abet us. If you are in a high stress job or an extreme socialite then some of the below pointers may help you from not becoming dearer to cigarettes. Some of the other tips include:

Plan To Quit

Once decided to quit smoking, go ahead without thinking twice. Many around you might convince that you can gradually reduce the number of cigarettes instead abruptly. Mind you, a baby step doesn't work here. It’s now or never.

Breathing Techniques

Short breath will step up your stress level and you will eventually search cigarettes. When you feel like smoking, take a deep breath i.e Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.
Breathing Techniques
This helps in reducing stress and tension at work place, which is said to be one of the important reasons endorsed by smokers.

Divert Yourself

The term might not be as easy as it is pronounced initially. Try diverting yourself by taking supplement you like that are not related to tobacco. Taking a lot of fluids especially water and fresh juices without sweeteners will help. While doing this, You have to take over your prejudice about substitute for cigarettes and simply follow the recommended.

Toothpick Therapy

Ways To Quit Smoking
One of the best alternatives is to stock toothpick and pick up one every time you feel like smoking. Chewing them will engage your mouth. It is also an inexpensive way to quit smoking.


Taking oral substitutes like artificial cigarette, or chewing gums would help. There are a lot of nicotine replacements available at over the counters to help ease one from taking cigarettes.


Workouts will enable you to breathe better. Also Keep yourself engaged with a lots of physical workouts also get into a daily routine of cleaning your vehicles, room, and taking other household activities which you can afford to do when free. When at work, concentrate more on work. Avoid passing the smoking zone.

Reading Blogs

There are a lot of programs available online / offline and people talking about how they quit smoking can get you feel inspired and help begin the first step to quit smoking.

Think About Benefits

Always think about the pleasure that you are going to get once you quit smoking. Enjoy time with family and think about their happiness and your long life with your family when you stay healthy.

Talk To Your Doctor

After trying these above if you are still not able to quit the best is to talk to your doctor and get a counselling done.

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