Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blackberry 10 Price, Review - Blackberry 10 Features

Blackberry 10 is being advertised as the next generation mobile device by the Blackberry (earlier known as Research In Motion). This new offering from Blackberry boasts of many new amazing features and a whole new experience to the users.

Blackberry 10 Price & Review

Now whether it lives up to the expectations or not, we will have to wait and see. Below factors would give you an idea of what the new blackberry 10 has to offer to its customers

Features Of The New Blackberry 10


They are the most significant part of the Blackberry 10 and integrated with every aspect. These appear to be a part of every action one would carry out on the device and as are mentioned to help with navigation, where users can shift screens as they please. Swiping up from the bezel brings the user to the home screen. Swiping down from the top of the bezel brings about the quick setting shade or options when using a certain application.

Also when in between application, you can swipe down the J-hook which assists to check their notifications on the hub, making everything seems to be better integrated and connected. Moreover, swiping left to right shifts screens similar to that of in other devices, such as Android ones. It might take some time for the users to get used to it, but once familiar it makes moving around and carrying out actions much easier.



The blackberry 10 operating system appears to support multitasking just like its tablet. The upward swipe from the bezel would bring up with applications screen which allows you to jump to other applications, along with the facility to close the applications, acting as a task manager.

Moreover, the widget functionality some applications present is similar to those of Android, besides which the applications which are most frequently used can also be viewed here. It makes it easier for the users to manage the applications and also getting a sneak peek in to the applications running in the background just by a gesture.


The Hub

This, as its name suggests is a center  where one can access all their notifications, their emails, chat messages, updates and more.
The hub

Also other general notifications, such as a SMS message, missed call and others are also a part of it. The users can access and perform tasks of various applications from the hub itself.


Blackberry Balance

This is a new feature which has been introduced with the new blackberry 10, where the users can keep the right balance by keeping their personal and professional tasks and aspects separate. Partitions can be made and separate profiles are created, where work done in a certain profile can be saved there.

User Interface

When the look was unveiled, it left all the people looking at it stunned, looking extremely sleek and fashionable. It includes something known as the blackberry hub, where all the notifications of all the applications running can be viewed in one place and is an essential part of the interface, besides having active frame which help show live information by working in the operating system.
User Interface

The new blackberry comes with a nice wide screen along with a better and a smarter keypad to help their users. It also appears to have a much better camera as opposed to its earlier versions, where the user can also adjust faces and other options as preferred with better picture quality.


This device features many day to day applications, such as the Maps, Dropbox, file manager, media apps, and more are installed by default, which are useful to the users for their daily tasks. Also, its app store (Blackberry world, earlier known as Blackberry app world) appears to have about 70000 applications, very less when compared to the Apple and Android app stores, but Blackberry says they like to maintain quality over quantity.

It does has some very useful neat applications, however there are many other popular which still need to be made a part of the Blackberry world.

Price Of Blackberry 10

Now Blackberry 10 is Staring price in US market is $149.99.


Just when the world thought what blackberry might do to save its market share in the world, it came up with its offering, the Blackberry 10, which definitely has the potential to help Blackberry get up in the top with its opponents (Apple and Samsung). Blackberry seems to have placed their bets on their new gesture and blackberry balance feature, but whether it will work for them or not, only time can tell. It is definitely much better than its earlier devices and might be worth a try.

Did you get yourself a new blackberry 10 yet?

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