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20 Foods To Eat And Not To Eat During Osteopenia Diet

The term Osteopenia defines the bone density which is considered lower than accepted normal level. Bone density loss or thinning of bones makes the bone vulnerable to fracture. More serious conditions transcends to osteoporosis. Nevertheless, Osteopenia can be kept under check through certain dietary regulations.
Foods To Eat And Not To Eat During Osteopenia Diet
Osteopenia diet

There are few things that need to be included and excluded in your diet. Besides you must be aware that bones too show signs of aging once you turn 30 and there is every bit of a possibility that your bones are taking a hit if you suffer from regular pain that lasts for too long.

Things That You Need To Eat During Osteopenia:


The secret to healthier bone lies in Vitamin D and certain fishes like Salmon, tuna are excellent sources of the same.


Oyster during Osteopenia diet
The marine mollusks are rare to find but that does not undermine the fact that it is a source of Vitamin D. Doctors always advises to have Vitamin D in the level of 400-800 IU.


This food made from soybean milk is an excellent source of Calcium and protein and hence should be eaten more often.

Egg yolks

Egg yolks give the same thing as sunbathing does; lots of Vitamin D. A couple of egg yolks minus the whites complete the daily requirement of Vitamin D.

Fish oil

Take fish oil during Osteopenia diet
The oil of fish is an equal contributor of Vitamin D that could be used for cooking the fish of your choice.


There is no better way to explain the reason why not to drink milk daily except for the fact that it provides all nutritional values for strong bones like Calcium, Vitamin D and people irrespective of age have been advised to go for it. From the perspective Osteopenia, milk can cut down the symptoms of teenage bone deficiency too.

Black Cohosh

Through limited research, it has been found that Black cohosh has beneficial effects for osteoporosis and there is no reason as to why one cannot include the same for Osteopenia.


Eat Vegetables with Osteopenia diet
Two vegetable; broccoli and collard greens must be included in your diet for providing enough strength to the bone against Osteopenia. These vegetables can be called the alternative to egg yolks.

Cereals and yoghurt

A healthy breakfast composed of cereals and yoghurt gives a head start to bone nutrition. Other than dairy products, there is also margarine that you can add.


The perennially available fruit is a source of iron; another mineral required for stronger bones. Diet for Osteopenia also calls for shoving of certain food from your dining table. Keep a check on what you eat and avoid the following ten things.

Things Not To Eat During Osteopenia


Basically you have to give up the habit of sprinkling additional salt over your food.


Stop smoking if you are suffering from Osteopenia
Cancer, bone marrow transfer, Osteopenia. Question yourself; if not now, when?


Make it no more than a couple of drinks a day.

Salty food

Avoid eating processed food such as pizza, burgers and fries. Also, avoid street food as much as you can.


Stop taking Caffeine with Osteopenia diet
Limit the intake of coffee and tea. Do not drink tea or coffee more than two cups a day.

Soft drinks

Some aerated drinks have lots of sugar, can cause thinning of bones.


Long term use of hydrocortisone or corticosteroids must be avoided.

Chilled water

Water at almost freezing temperature can increase Osteopenia risk.

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