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Top 10 Most Annoying Habits Of Travelers

Several times the habits and behavior of fellow passengers drive you crazy. These little common habits of passengers greatly annoy the other travelers.
Most Annoying Habits Of Travelers

Most Annoying Habits Of Travelers


Many people travel, while they are sick. This is the very common habit of the travelers which annoy the others in train, bus and plane. Sick travelers always tell the other traveler to help them for the small things like taking medicine, or putting the luggage up and down. Most time sick travelers after taking the medicines sleep and put their head on the others, which create the problem to the other travelers.


While traveling in the bus or train some travelers play the music very loudly which disturb the others. Some of them even play the music loudly over headphones. This kind behavior of travelers does not let the other travelers to sleep and to sit comfortably.

Smelling Bad

During the traveling almost every traveler want the fresh and clear environment. But some travelers do not focus on these things and create the problems. They sit in the bus or train, even they have not wore the clean clothes and smelling strongly. There this habit does not allow the others to breathe properly and force them to put the hanky on their mouth.

Talking Loudly

Most Annoying Habits Of Travelers
This is the other common habit of the travelers which disturb the co-travelers most. Some travelers talk too loudly even in the night, mainly when they are group of some friends. They do not care about the others and just enjoy their talk.

Eating Food

Some travelers eat very loudly, and even many travelers talk while eating the food. They create the bad sounds from their mouth which make the others to feel uncomfortable and especially the people near to them.

Reading Paper or Book

This is the very bad habit which you can see in the many travelers. They start reading the book or paper which you are reading and always try to put their mouth in the paper. And even they start asking the questions.

Chat Up

Some strangers people start talking to you. And some times, even you are ignoring them does not affect them. They just think about how to pass the time. And also the questions like about your profession, your home means they are inspecting you.


People who are traveling with their kids do not control the kids and allow them to visit free where-there.
Most Annoying Habits Of Travelers
This result in create the problems to others since kids sometimes forget their parents and start walking around the others.


This bad habit create the much problem if you are traveling the long distance and you are looking to take a sleep. Snoring people do not let you to even take a catnap.


Bad travelers do not leave any chance to annoy others. Cleaning throat is the common habit show by bad travelers. These kind of travelers do not care about others and start performing the things.
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