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Home Remedies For Dry Scalp

Dry Scalp is a condition in which dry texture is accumulated on person’s scalp. It generally leads to itching; hair fall and flakes of skin that are white in colour fall off in small pieces. It is generally accompanied by the dryness on the rest of the body.
Home Remedies For Dry Scalp

Main Cause Of Dry Scalp

The main cause of dry scalp is humidity, if the scalp is exposed to drier environment it results in peeling and flaking. Lack of oil in hairs causes hair brittle and scalp becomes dry and flaky. Harsh shampoos are also the cause of dry scalp as chemicals in the shampoo removes natural oil from the hair and scalp. Right diet for hairs is as much as necessary as it requires for the development of the body. Hairs also need essential nutrients. In the absence of adequate nutrients sebaceous glands not able to produce the essential oils which results in scratchy and itchy scalp. Sometimes Harsh water, changes in climate are also responsible for dry scalp. Certain diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, dandruff also leads to dry scalp.

Symptoms Of Dry Scalp

Itching, scratchy feelings, flakes of dry dead skin falling off on shoulder are common symptoms of dry scalp. In severe cases you may also experience red welts on scalp and actual loss of hair a bald spot.

Best Home Remedies for Dry Scalp


Jojoba is golden coloured oil, which is structurally similar to sebum, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands to lubricate and protect the skin and hair. Jojoba oil helps in cleansing the scalp by penetrating deep into the hair follicles and remove the blockages. It is also soften and nourish the scalp.
Jojoba Oil
It is natural moisturizer and enriched with zinc, copper, vitamins E and B, iodine, silicon and exhibits the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It is also used for removing the scalp infections. Massage the scalp from hot jojoba oil twice in a week. Try to use the jojoba oil in daily hair care as it maintains the moisture balance and protects hair from any damage and infection.

Beet Root

It is dark red colour root, which has anti carcinogenic properties. The juice of beetroot is excellent for the skin and is a natural good cleansing agent. It is rich in iron and foliate and contains all essential nutrients. It helps in giving relief from dry scalp.

Mix Beet root juice with cider vinegar and ginger juice and apply it on scalp twice in a week. You may also crush the beetroot or add the beetroot juice in heena paste and apply it on scalp. It gives great relief in itchiness, scalp dryness and prevents hair fall.

Black Seeds (Kalonji)

Kalonji contains 100 essential nutrients. It comprised of proteins, carbohydrates, plant fats and oils. The main ingredients of Kalonji are nigellone, thymoquinone and fixed oils. It possess properties such as analgesic, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, anti allergic and good for general well being.
Black Seeds Oil
Mix Kalonji oil with Olive oil in 1:3 ratios, Heat both the oils and add heena to make a paste. Now apply this paste to scalp and leave it for 1-2 hours before shampooing.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera most active compounds include polysaccharides and glycoproteins. Polysaccharides are useful to stimulate skin cell repair and growth and glycoproteins are known for expedite the healing process and reducing the inflammation. If itchiness on scalp is due to excessive dryness then aloe Vera is one of the best remedies to get rid of it. It contains moisturizing properties, improves skin integrity and reduces dry skin.

Take out the gel of aloe Vera (cut out the leave into two halves and scrape off the gel) and apply it on Scalp at night before going to bed. Massage a sufficient amount of gel onto the affected area. Let it rest overnight and rinse in the morning.

Milk And Honey

Combination of two does wonders on dry scalp. Milk is a rich source of vitamin D. Vitamin D provides soothing effect to scalp and also good for hair luster and texture. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer.
Milk And Honey
Mix two teaspoon of honey into half cup of milk. Now add olive oil into it and do massage with this mixture on scalp. Leave it untouched for at least 2 hours .It brings great relief from dry scalp.

Green Grams

It is also known as Moong dal, highly rich in Vitamin A, B, C, E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It has numerous health and skin benefits.

Make the fine powder of green gram by grinding into grinder. Now mix two tablespoon of powder in a cup of yogurt. For better results you may also add two tablespoon of black gram flour along with it. Apply this mixture on scalp and leave it for 2-3 hours. Wash it with mild shampoo.


Vinegar is best treatment for dry scalp. It kills bacteria and fungus that comes in contact and reduce scales and flaking within few weeks.
Apply white vinegar directly to scalp and leave it for half an hour. You may also take 2 tablespoon of vinegar daily for more sound effects but don’t forget to drink a lot of water along with it.


Eggs are rich source of fatty acids, Vitamin A, E, and D and prevent hair loss. Vitamin A increases sebum production, natural oil of hairs that keeps the scalp moisturized. Fatty acids prevent formation of dandruff, flaky scalp.

Mix egg yolk with warm Olive oil and add a pinch of baking soda to it. Massage it on scalp and leave it for an hour. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. This mask helps in fighting with dandruff and dry scalp and make hair silky and shiny.

Other Treatments

Should take diet enriched with Vitamin C, D, E , proteins and fatty acids. Avoid caffein alcohol and acidic food for better treatment.Include dried oregano,halibuts, broccoli,strawberry and flex seeds in your diet . It is useful for treatment of dry scalp.

Choose shampoo and comb very carefully. Always use shampoo which helps to moisturize your scalp. Right comb is very much necessary as it improves the blood circulation on scalp.Generally wide toothed wooden comb is good as it prevents hair breakage and improves scalp condition.Never comb wet hairs , let them dry then only do comb.

Massage the scalp with warm oil (coconut, Olive, Jojoba or any) at least thrice in a week at night before going to bed so that oil penetrates deep into the hair follicles and remove dryness.

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